Families, Fathers & Children

Fathers, Families & Children in Action

The Fathers, Families & Children team recently brought a mother and her children to visit their father who is currently incarcerated in Eastern C.F. in Naponoch, NY


Volunteers playing music at our 2013   Christmas Party

Volunteers writing Christmas cards to men in prison






Since 2007, we have been providing services to children and families when Dad is incarcerated.

Over 9,000 children in Brooklyn have fathers in correctional facilities.  The impact on these children is devastating.
Studies have shown that, without an intervention, 70% of these children will follow their father’s footsteps into prison.  Alcohol and drug use, delinquent behavior, teen pregnancy, school dropout rates and depression are markedly higher among this group of children. Families, Fathers & Children’s program addresses these behaviors by providing motivation and support for positive behaviors.
Our services have included:
After-school programming to build self-esteem and socialization skills
• Transportation to correctional facilities for the families and children enrolled in our program
• Holiday parties, including activities, dinner and Christmas presents
• Home visits, counseling, information and referrals
• Art events in the community
• A collection of art and stories by children of incarcerated fathers
• Outreach, community education and advocacy
• Parenting classes for men who will be released within the next 45 days
• Outreach into the prisons, attending inmate events, providing literature about services and parenting
• Parenting literature for the community
• Writing Christmas cards to men in prison
For more information, contact us at 917-287-9044.
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