Haitian Support Group

December 2018




The mission of the St. Augustine Haiti Support Group has its roots in the gospel injunction to be our brothers’ keeper and to bear one anothers’ burdens. We at St. Augustine’s and our brothers and sisters in Haiti are one body in Christ and one People of God.

Twinning with our sister parish of St. Andre in Dufort, Haiti serves to create a reciprocal community to community parish relationship mutually sharing gifts, visions and aspirations, spiritual as well as material. It also serves as a unifying focus on mission for the three language groups of our parish.

In keeping with the call of Pope Francis to mission we seek to learn about the history and lives of the Haitian people. By learning more about Haiti’s history, culture, people and current conditions, and by sharing our own experiences we will deepen our awareness of how our parishes might mutually support each other and respond to crises that may arise

We trust in God and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we strive to be faithful stewards of our gifts.