Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

An Invitation… Someone you know may be waiting to be invited to become a Catholic or to complete the initiation sacraments. Our parish has been enriched by our involvement in the RCIA for 13 years. During the first stage of the RCIA process, the period of questioning or inquiry, the Church shares who it is, how it runs and what it does. We are forming a new group for those interested in knowing more about the Catholic Church. For information, please call a staff person, as soon as possible.


Sacraments for Adults

Persons interested in information about becoming a Catholic or about receiving both First Communion and Confirmation next Spring (2016) are invited to contact a staff person. We will schedule an appointment with you. Please call Fr. Tom, ext. 17, Deacon Joe 347-844-9661, Sr. Ellen, ext 14, Rafa Joa, 718-237-0891.